At Aronimink Dental Health you can purchase a variety of dental products that are not available in stores. Patients are thrilled with the convenience and the effectiveness of many of the products they are able to purchase the day of their dental visit.

Breath RX - The #1 professional breath control
An antibacterial freshening rinse that contains ZYTEX, a unique and powerful complex that works to eliminate the cause of bad breath instead of masking it which most over the counter products do. Plus it has a fresh, cool , non-medicinal that people love.

Crest Products.
Several products from Crest are available at our office.

ORAL B Hummingbird
Battery powered puch button flossing tool. Portable, soothing, and effective for those hard to reach areas.

Zoom Whitening. The professional's choice for optimal performance.
Zoom take home kits available at our office.

Zoom! 3-Syringe Weekender Kit
Perfect for those who need extra gel for tough stains.
Nite White Turbo ACP 3 Syringe Kit
Nite White Turbo ACP, the name says it all. It says speed - on average, 6 shades in just three nights.

Zoom! Touch-Up Kit
A great option for patients who already have trays, but need a touch-up.

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